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Nike Zeus was an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system developed by the US Army during the late s and early s that was designed to destroy incoming  ‎History - ‎Testing - ‎Anti-satellite use - ‎Description. The Nike Hercules, initially designated SAM-A and later MIM, was a surface-to-air missile (SAM) used by U.S. and NATO armed forces for medium- and high-altitude long-range air defense. It was normally armed with the W31 nuclear warhead, but could also be fitted As early as the US Army started exploring anti-aircraft missiles,  ‎Nike Zeus - ‎MIM-3 Nike Ajax - ‎W

The LIMA Spartan was a United States Army anti-ballistic missile, designed to intercept Spartan was developed directly from the preceding LIM Nike Zeus, retaining the same tri-service identifier, but growing larger and longer ranged,  ‎History - ‎Zeus - ‎Cancellation - ‎Nike X. In the US Army began studying an improved Nike Hercules anti-aircraft missile, equipped with a nuclear warhead and capable of intercepting projected. Nike Zeus: Nike missile: known as, among other designations, Nike Zeus, the U.S. Army Photograph Then, during the s, advances in radars and long- range SAMs promised a breakthrough in antiballistic missile defense, but by.

Nike Zeus: The U.S. Army's First Antiballistic Missile [Department of Defense, Penny Hill Press] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the.

This pamphlet is intended to acquaint readers with the history of the Nike Zeus Project, the U.S. Army's first effort to develop an antiballistic. Wikimedia Launch of an US Army Nike Zeus missile, the first ABM system to enter Although work on anti-ballistic missiles has been under way for some years. 10 Dec - 10 min - Uploaded by Old Movies Reborn Nike Zeus Anti Missile Nike Zeus was an anti.

oversee the Nike-Zeus project, an effort to intercept intercontinental the Army's anti-ballistic missile (ABM) research and development effort.

The Nike family of missiles, from front to back: NIKE-Zeus, NIKE determine the feasibility of a defense against strategic ballistic missiles. guided, surface-to-air missile system, the Nike-Ajax was designed to counter the. anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system called the. Nike-Zeus. 1 The Army's goal was a nation- wide defense against Soviet ICBMS. Derived from the air defense. Our own anti-ballistic missile system, the Nike-X, has now reached a stage of .. the acceleration of the Nike-Zeus and/or the modernization of Army firepower.

The Army's solution was the Nike B — later called the Nike Hercules. was theoretically possible to use missiles in an anti-ballistic missile role.

Tracking radars for the Nike Zeus anti-ballistic missile program on This image is a work of a U.S. Army soldier or employee, taken or made as. In the context of the US ballistic missile defence effort, its anti-ballistic missile ( ABM) effort It was in that the US Army Air Force requested General Electric to start Project The ultimate Project Nike missile was of course the Nike Zeus. Secretary of the Army forwarded specific recommendations . atomic Warheads amployed with NIKE-HERCULES missiles ballistic Missile carrying a nuclear warhead. The Department of Defense Anti-ICBM Committee was notified.

Although never deployed, Nike Zeus Project was the the U.S. Army's first try at building an anti ballistic missile system that could intercept intercontinental.

It covers a wide range of programs, including NIKE-ZEUS, Safeguard, Ballistic Missile Defense, Sentry, the Strategic Defense Initiative, Anti-satellite weapons. Heightened concerns about ballistic missile defense also created an environment in which the Army sought to compete with the Air Force's Project. Wizard ABM. The fundamentals of ballistic missile defense have changed little over the last 70 years. . shelf” weapons such as the nuclear-tipped Nike Hercules anti-aircraft missile. The first test “intercept” of an ICBM by the Army-led Nike-Zeus missile.

this regard. Special thanks are also due to the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization's .. The Army deployed the NIKE HERCULES as an Anti-Tactical. Ballistic. The Army's Nike-Ajax was the first U.S. operational surface-to-air missile. and the LIM Nike Zeus anti-ballistic missile project started to address these. or not to deploy the antiballistic mis- The Department of the Army officials The Nike. Zeus proved itself capable of inter- cepting an incoming missile but.

XLIM Nike Zeus was an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system developed during the late As early as the US Army started exploring anti-aircraft missiles.